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We are delighted to share with you the products of Sunrise Berry Farms!
Each of our products celebrate a rich cultural heritage which combines a love of the land
with an appreciation for the culinary traditions of past generations.
Welcome to Sunrise Berry Farms' Pie Store!

Dessert Pies

Light and flaky on the outside, bursting with fruit-packed flavour on the inside!  One dozen flavours and counting!

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Savoury Pies

Perfect for lunches or an easy meal anytime!  Our meat pies are loaded with real, wholesome ingredients.

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Know what you want and in a hurry?

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NEW!! — Rewards program —

We are starting up a rewards program in the Pie Store.  It’s simple. $1 spent = 1 point.  Once you reach 100 points you receive $10 off your next purchase!  Even simpler. You don’t have to keep track of a wallet card to collect points!! All you do is provide us with an email address and your name and we will keep track of all your points, giving you an automatic update on each receipt.
After you’ve made your first purchase as a rewards program customer, a welcome email will automatically be sent to you, which includes a coupon for one FREE 4″ FRUIT PIE.  You will also receive future emails with wonderful deals, amazing discounts and fascinating updates on all our mouth watering products, some of which are exclusive to our rewards program.  Should you choose to leave the rewards program, we will not hold you hostage to these fantastic benefits and you are free to go by unsubscribing at any point.
You can sign up now, by following this link to our contact page, where your message will be emailed directly to us OR you can sign up during your next visit to the Pie Store.


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